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About Time Travel Institute

The Original Time Travel Forum

The Time Travel Institute was started in 1998 as a gathering place for people who are fascinated by time, weird science, and the paranormal fringe. We are the birthplace of the John Titor legend, the internet's beloved time traveler from 2036 sent here to rescue us from civil war. TTI was rescued from closure in late 2014, and adopted by Cosmo, who still operates it to this day.

The Golden Age of classic bulletin boards may have passed, but the Time Travel Institute remains as one of the last artifacts of that era.

We live to tell the tale.

TTI Library and Curiobase

Sometimes it's not enough to simply speculate on a concept. How do we experience these unknowable and extraordinary ideas? At the Time Travel Institute, we seek out and catalog books, games, movies, TV, and other resources to help explain or visualize strange events and concepts. In the Library, TTI is putting together a collection of stories about time travel, and in the Curiobase, we are building a guide to paranormal and strange ideas and objects.

Chronovisor, an Internet Archaeology Project

The internet is a wonderful resource for those drawn to the bizarre and unusual, especially those of us who have grown up with it as it evolved. The Time Travel Institute works with the Archive.org Wayback Machine to collect and organize these lost treasures.

Groups like the Cult of the Dead Cow and the Temple of the Screaming Electron were particular favorites. These and many others were wonderful gateways to The Golden Age of the Internet, particularly fringe-leaning sites like Anomalies.net, Time Travel Forum and Art Bell's Post-to-Post forums. Discovering Geocities and Tripods sites about men in black, claims of time travel and how to build perpetual motion machines were part of the wonderful adventures to be had in cyberspace.

The archived internet is a treasure trove of discussions that are rarely seen, but it's hard to find your way around because of old URLs from forum software and links to "free sites" that no longer work. So, the Chronovisor was made, a project to look through old records and find these forgotten gems again for information, entertainment, and nostalgia.

Other Creative Sparks

We have a lot going on at the Time Travel Institute. Aside from the established programs mentioned above, we also operate a few creative projects as time and contributions allow. We invite you to visit our Blog to learn about the newest initiatives and changes, and we would love for you to join our community.