In the Arizona desert, a man wanders aimlessly, mumbling incomprehensible gibberish. He is dead within twenty-four hours, his body incinerated by his only known associates. Archaeologists reveal a startling discovery at a medieval location halfway around the world. They're whisked away to the headquarters of a mysterious global firm that has produced incredible technologies. This group is about to have the opportunity to enter the past rather than just study it. And now that history has been opened up to the present, and the dead have been awakened to the living, these men and women will soon be battling for their very survival—as they did six hundred years ago.


Michael Crichton

John Michael Crichton was an American author and filmmaker. His works have sold over 200 million copies worldwide, and several have been made into films. His literary works are typically in the science fiction, techno-thriller, and medical fiction genres and strongly emphasize technology. His works frequently deal with technology and the inadequacies of human engagement, which often result in biotechnology disasters. Many of his stories have medical or scientific undertones, reflecting his medical degree and scientific background.

Crichton got his M.D. from Harvard Medical School in 1969 but chose not to practice medicine instead of focusing on his writing. Initially writing under a pen name, he eventually wrote 26 novels, including The Andromeda Strain (1969), The Terminal Man (1972), The Great Train Robbery (1975), Congo (1980), Sphere (1987), Jurassic Park (1990), Rising Sun (1992), Disclosure (1994), The Lost World (1995), Airframe (1996), Timeline (1999), Prey (2002), State of Fear (2004), and Next (2006). After he died in 2008, several works in various stages of completion were published.

Crichton was also interested in the cinema and television industries. In 1973, he developed and directed Westworld, the first film to use 2D computer-generated graphics. He also directed Coma (1978), The First Great Train Robbery (1979), Looker (1981), and Runaway (1983). (1984). He created the television series ER (1994–2009), and numerous of his novels were made into films, most notably the Jurassic Park franchise.