Prologue to the Beginning and End

Rintar Okabe, a self-proclaimed mad scientist, attends a time travel seminar with his friend Mayuri Shiina. While there, he encounters a girl named Kurisu Makise, who openly asserts that he met her 15 minutes ago, despite the fact that he has never met her before. Rintar later realizes Kurisu had been stabbed after hearing a cry. As he sends a text to another of his study colleagues, Hashida Itaru, Rintar has a weird experience in which he discovers that the street he is on has suddenly turned abandoned and that a strange satellite has crashed into the building he was recently in. Later, while toying with their bizarre remote-controlled microwave, which converts bananas into a gel-like substance, Hashida informs Rintar, much to his surprise, that the seminar he was going to attend has been cancelled. Rintar later discovers that the text he wrote to Hashida was sent a week earlier, immediately before meeting Kurisu, who is still alive and well.

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