Time Travel Paranoia

Rintar is amazed that Kurisu is still alive, before being humiliated by her during a time travel lesson. Rintar investigates the allegedly altered events and learns of a man calling himself John Titor who claims to be a time traveller after receiving supplies from crossdresser Ruka Urushibara and meeting Suzuha Amane, who gets hired to work part-time in the electronic's shop beneath his apartment. Rintar then realizes that the books he owned on John Titor have vanished, as if they never been. The next day, Rintar meets a weird woman named Moeka Kiry, who requests information on a retro PC, which Rintar obtained from Hashida. Later, while testing a banana in their microwave, which then vanishes, Rintar and Hashida discover the banana reattached to the bunch it came from in its gelled state, just before Kurisu reappears in front of them.

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