Dogma in Event Horizon

Rintar discovers that a television in the electronics shop beneath the lab has the key to the time slot for sending D-Mails. Kurisu then hypothesizes that memories may be sent back in time in the same way that D-Mails are, effectively allowing humans to 'jump' to the past. Suzuha tells Rintar that Kurisu works for SERN, however Kurisu denies this when asked. As Rintar and Mayuri travel into town to seek for parts Kurisu wants, they stumble across Moeka along the way. Kurisu tells Rintar about her problems with her father, who began to despise her once she surpassed him in scientific prowess, but she cheers up when Rintar offers to assist them in reuniting. Rintar receives another scary text message telling him that he knows too much while Mayuri and Kurisu decide to have a sleepover at the lab, eventually realizing that the lab is connected to the SERN network without the lab members' knowledge.

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