Dogma in Ergosphere

Kurisu completes her 'time leap machine' by being able to use the LHC. However, Rintar, who is still plagued by the texts he has received, decides against carrying out the experiment, instead suggesting that they make it public. Kurisu clashes with Suzuha, who claims she is destined to become a SERN spy, while the lab members plan to throw a party, but Mayuri attempts to settle things down. Suzuha flees when a bomb threat is broadcasted, suspecting something is seriously wrong after learning about the lab's connection to SERN. The lab is soon attacked by a gang of armed men commanded by Moeka, who shows herself to be a member of SERN. After demanding Rintar, Kurisu, and Hashida hand over the time machine and accompany her, she determines Mayuri is no longer needed and murders her.

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