Physically Necrosis

Rintar travels through time multiple times, but Mayuri always dies in some way. In one of these leaps, Rintar summons Moeka and holds her at gunpoint, forcing her to divulge that SERN has targeted the lab because of the construction of the time machine and their plan to publicly publicize it. As Rintar sinks farther into despair, Kurisu persuades him to share what he knows and offers to assist him in his efforts to save Mayuri. Rintar is sent back in time to shortly before she finished the time leap machine, where he informs her past self everything he knows. As they analyze the possible causes of Mayuri's death, they are interrupted by Suzuha, who informs them that in order to save Mayuri, they must locate a specific World Line. She leads them to the wrecked satellite, which turns out to be her time machine, and confesses that she is "John Titor" from the year 2036.

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