Missing Link Necrosis

Suzuha describes how SERN was able to construct a time machine and use it to conquer the world in 2036. She reveals that she intends to fly to 1975 to obtain an IBN-5100, but she quickly realizes that her time machine has broken down due to the storm on the night Rintar prevented her from departing. Rintar leaps two days before the completion of the time leap machine in order to persuade Hashida to assist in the repair of Suzuha's time machine, while Mayuri recommends they also assist in the search for Suzuha's father, using his badge as a clue. Suzuha hands Rintar her Divergence Meter, which measures the magnitude of time disparities, and tells him about how he created the opposition against SERN in the future. Suzuha praises Rintar after spending the day hunting for Suzuha's father before he receives a lead on Suzuha's father from a badge maker.

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