Sacrificial Necrosis

Unable to learn much about the badge maker's client, Rintar resolves to travel back in time to confront him, only to discover that the client in question was Hashida, who intended to produce a phony badge to cheer Suzuha up. Suzuha's time machine, according to Hashida, can only travel backwards in time. Mayuri deduces from the time machine's naming tradition that Suzuha's father is actually Hashida as the repairs to the time machine are done. Suzuha travels back to 1975 after a brief reunion, though Rintar sees the Divergence Meter's reading hasn't altered. Later, Mr. Braun delivers a letter from Suzuha from the year 2000, in which she mentions committing suicide a year later. Suzuha laments in her letter that she failed her objective because the faulty time machine forced her to lose her memories for 24 years. Rintar blames himself for stopping her the night of the party and, despite Mayuri's pleadings, sends a D-Mail that prevents him from pursuing Suzuha, allowing her to use the time machine before it was wrecked. Rintar learns from Mr. Braun that Suzuha died of illness rather than death, leaving behind her Divergence Meter. Rintar arrives home, noticing a tiny change in divergence, and discovers Mayuri has not been killed by Moeka.

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