Made in Complex

Regardless of the divergence, Mayuri's death occurs, albeit a day later than in previous histories. Rintar seeks Kurisu's assistance, who hypothesizes that, because negating Rintar's D-Mail about Suzuha delayed the attack, undoing the effects of the other D-Mails could return them to a World Line where they have an IBN-5100, allowing them to hack into SERN and delete the records that put them on Rintar's trail. Rintar begins by attempting to reverse Rumiho's D-Mail while assisting her in evading a rival gaming group. Rintar brings Rumiho to the location of her maid cafe and informs her about Akihabara's personality. Rumiho recalls the previous timeline and the D-Mail she sent: a forged ransom message that kept her father from boarding a doomed plane. The rival gang catches up with them, but they are saved by Rumiho's father's presence. Rintar learns from him that Suzuha gave him the IBN-5100, but he was compelled to sell it in order to pay the ransom for the phony kidnapping. Rumiho agrees to send a D-Mail canceling her earlier one after accepting her father's death, reverting Akihabara to a moe hotspot. The IBN-5100, on the other hand, is still out of reach.

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