Fractal Androgynous

Rintar informs Ruka about her previous life as a male and begs her to undo the D-Mail responsible for Mayuri's fate. While she initially doubts him, she eventually agrees, on the condition that Rintar take her on a date. Despite Kurisu and Hashida's dating advise, Rukako and Rintar spend the evening conversing awkwardly. Ruka, like Rumiho, gradually remembers the previous timeline, which makes her even more upset about the imminent return to it, because she fears she will be unable to pursue her emotions for Rintar as a boy. Rintar realizes, before sending the D-Mail that will cancel Ruka's first one, that the reason she didn't enjoy their date was because he was pretending to be someone he wasn't. He pays a visit to the shrine and assures her that she will always be his "pupil." With their relationship restored, the world line changes, reverting Ruka to a man and leaving only one D-Mail to be reversed: Moeka's.

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