Endless Apoptosis

Rintar goes to Moeka's address when Kurisu promises to look after Mayuri at a doujin convention, only to discover that she has committed herself. Rintar time jumps to before Moeka murdered herself after discovering the deadline for Mayuri's death in this world line, finding her in a nervous wreck after not being contacted by someone known as 'FB.' Rintar steals Moeka's phone and sends a D-Mail from it, but the timeline remains unchanged, causing him to believe that another message was sent from her phone. Rintar confronts Moeka about Facebook and informs her of her impending suicide. Rintar locates the offending email, which contained information about the location of the IBN-5100, but sending a D-Mail from that phone had no effect on the world line. Moeka informs Rintar of the position of the IBN-5100 as he plans to send a D-Mail via FB's phone.

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