Finalize Apoptosis

Despite the fact that Rintar knows where the IBN-5100 is, Kurisu is opposed to him attempting to take it because it will most likely have little effect on the world line. Instead, she offers to Rintar that he scout the area for FB, and Moeka agrees to accompany him. As they see the IBN-5100 take off, they follow it as it is passed around to various persons, including Mr. Braun, before landing on a jet bound for France. Rintar, Moeka, and Kurisu travel to face Mr. Braun, who reveals himself to be FB and kills Moeka before committing suicide. Rintar cancels Moeka's D-Mail using Braun's cell phone, returning to a World Line where both Moeka and Braun are alive and he has the IBN-5100. As Rintar instructs Hashida to hack into the SERN network in order to destroy the data they have on them, he suddenly realizes that he needs to undo another D-Mail: the one that stopped Kurisu from being stabbed.

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