Being Meltdown

She tells how she recalls her stabbing from nightmares, as well as Rintar's repeated attempts to save Mayuri, as Rintar and Kurisu hide from the rain. When Kurisu urges Rintar that he should save Mayuri above her, he refuses and flees. Kurisu stops Rintar from time leaping again, fearing that seeing Mayuri die over and over will ruin him. Rintar tells Kurisu he loves her after giving in and opting to go save Mayuri, to which she responds by kissing him. Kurisu departs for Japan the next day, while Rintar and the rest delete their data from the SERN network. Kurisu then returns to tell Rintar she loves him, just as the data deletion transports him to the Beta World Line. Rintar receives a call from Suzuha after disposing of the Mobile Microwave, informing him of World War III.

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