Open the Steins Gate

Suzuha reveals that her objective is to save Kurisu's life and join a World Line known as 'Stein's Gate' in order to prevent World War III from occurring. With just a slim possibility of saving Kurisu, Rintaro agrees to accompany Suzuha to the final moments before Kurisu's death. While Rintaro waits in the area where Kurisu was stabbed, he witnesses Kurisu's father, the same Professor Nakamachi he met earlier that day, attack Kurisu as he tries to steal her time travel hypothesis. Rintaro mistakenly stabs Kurisu while attempting to save her, allowing Nakamachi to flee with her hypothesis and deliver it to Russia. When Rintaro returns to the present, he is overcome with sadness, but Mayuri snaps him out of it. Rintaro then receives a video message from his future self, instructing him that the key to saving Kurisu without changing the events that caused him to build a time machine is to trick his other self into believing Kurisu died.

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