Achievement Point

Rintaro and Suzuha return to the day of Kurisu's death, picking up a sabre toy in order to use its liquid as a substitute for Kurisu's blood. To begin, he ensures that a metal toy Mayuri previously discovered is obtained in order to prevent Nakabachi from successfully bringing Kurisu's theory to Russia. Rintaro discovers that the liquid in the sabre has dried up as he prepares to impersonate Kurisu's death. To accomplish this, he allows himself to be stabbed by Nakabachi before tasering Kurisu and uses his own blood to build the scenario for his past self. Suzuha thanks Rintaro as he returns to the past before time is altered and the time machine is never invented. Rintaro walks around distributing badges to his former lab colleagues in this new reality, finally seeing Kurisu again; she was looking for Rintaro to thank him for saving her life, implying that the event of their relationship did not evaporate, either.

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