Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a third-person action-adventure video game. Players take on the role of Jack Joyce, who has time manipulation abilities in a world where time stutters, causing everything to freeze except Joyce. Players encounter a range of foes, including Monarch security officers, Strikers, who wear specially constructed suits that allow them to alter time, and Juggernauts, heavily armored enemies armed with powerful weaponry. Different foes behave differently, and the game needs players to employ a variety of tactics and methods in order to destroy them.

To beat adversaries, players can employ a variety of offensive and defensive abilities. Jack can locate four sorts of firearms: pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, and carbine rifles. He also boasts a variety of time manipulation abilities. "Time Stop" freezes time around opponents with a time bubble. If the player shoots an opponent stuck in the bubble, the bubble's power increases, and the bullets will kill the attacker when the bubble dissolves after a brief amount of time. "Time Rush" enables Jack to dash near to an attacker and conduct an instant melee takedown. He can also utilize this power to speed up time and dodge between cover to confound foes who are unaware of his whereabouts. "Time Blast" levitates and freezes opponents. The defensive skill "Time Shield" deflects all incoming damage, while "Time Dodge" allows players to dash swiftly to avoid attacks. Most of these time manipulation abilities have a brief cooldown period after activation. When in combat, Jack automatically takes shelter when he is standing adjacent to an environmental object. The artificial intelligence in the game, on the other hand, is designed to drive the player out of cover by collaborating with one another.

Jack has other time powers that he does not employ in battle. "Time Vision" exposes locations of interest and emphasizes interacting objects and opponents. "Time Echoes" allow him to relive prior events, revealing new details about the plot. The game includes a variety of items known as "narrative objects," such as quantum ripples, documents, computers, and media. Players can collect "chronon sources," which can be used as experience points to purchase time power increases. There are also less action-oriented moments in the game when players must solve environmental puzzles, which normally work as a 3D platformer. With time stuttering and collapse, objects may become locked in a time loop and either serve as platforms for players to progress to the next phase of the game, or generate dangerous environmental hazards that are exceedingly unstable. In the latter situation, they become impediments that obstruct the player's route. Jack can overcome them by using his time manipulation abilities, such as slowing or halting time, to allow him to advance without being wounded. At some times in the game, he can even resurrect frozen non-playable characters.

The gameplay is divided into five acts. After completing an act of the game as Jack Joyce, players take control of the adversary Paul Serene for a key concurrent decision that affects the plot, before an episode of the digital show begins to play. The video game portion of the game tells the story of the protagonists, while the show section tells the story of the antagonists. Players can make decisions at the beginning of each episode of the TV show, which are referred to as "junction points." These decisions have an impact on the game's outcome. Because Paul Serene possesses precognitive capacity, players may see the repercussions of each choice before making a choice.

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