The 7th Saga

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The game takes place on the planet Ticondera. Five thousand years before the beginning of the story, a divine creature named Saro used the power of seven runes to fight an evil entity named Gorsia. In the years since, the runes have been dispersed all across the world. Lemele (Remeer in the Japanese version), Saro's son, was born 100 years before the game's start and became a hero after defeating the demon Gariso. Lemele, who is now 100 years old, has risen to become the world's most benign and powerful king.

The seven characters are chosen by the old King Lemele from diverse walks of life and corners of the globe. Lemele sends his seven apprentices on a quest for the seven runes after 5 years of training at his palace. Each rune carries enormous power that the person who wields it can employ. The person who gathers all seven runes will be Lemele's heir. The monarch offers each character a Crystal Ball to aid them in their search for the runes.

Returning the runes necessitates battling the different great rulers who have come to possess them, such as wizards, kings, and dragons. The apprentices are also being pursued by a persistent bounty hunter named Pison (Python in the Japanese version), who has been hired by one of the apprentices to eliminate the rest of the trainees (the identity of the "traitor" apprentice is randomized with each new game).

After killing a resurrected Gariso and gathering all seven runes, the player is met by Lemele, who exposes himself to be Gorsia. Gorsia arrived in the present from 5,000 years ago, murdered Lemele and stole his name, and then hired the seven apprentices to find the runes for him. Each rune's power is essentially a trapped fraction of Gorsia's power. Gorsia breaks the runes, re-absorbs his lost power, and zaps the player with lightning, transporting them to a strange, foreign world 5,000 years in the past, which turns out to be Ticondera.

After going through various towns, the player finally arrives in Melenam, a technologically advanced city that the player first explored as ruins early in the game. Melenam is revealed to be the source of the Tetsujin robots, and the player witnesses the city's demise at the hands of a renegade super-Tetsujin constructed by the city's scientists to combat Gorsia.

The player finally discovers that, after recently defeating Gorsia, Gorsia has returned from the future and gravely wounded Saro. Saro's pupils hand over the seven runes, which the player must utilize to seal Gorsia's powers and eventually defeat the evil creature. In one final act of vengeance, the dying Gorsia murders the player, but 4,900 years later, Saro reincarnates the player's soul as a small baby and Saro's son: none other than Lemele.

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