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Time Travel Books

A database of books focused on time travel as the plot

Know a Great Time Travel Book?

Time Travel Institute is looking to create the best resource for time travel fiction on the internet, with the goal of helping people ponder the concepts and possibilities that lie within. If you have a suggestion for a book we don't have, or better details for a book we do, we would love for you share it with us.


  1. Books should be fictional; We are looking to explore immersive concepts and ideas and not necessarily the hard science behind them.
  2. Hard-science/reference books, should be submitted through the Curiobase.
  3. Time travel should be a central component to the story's plot.
  4. The book must be acquirable by others

How to Make a Suggestion:

  1. Visit the Library Suggestions page and click Books
  2. Click Add new Library Suggestion
  3. Enter the rationale for your suggestion, including the time travel mechanisms and time periods involved. Why is this a good example of a time travel book? What do you like about it?
  4. Click save

One of our curators will review the entry, add it to the database, and we'll credit you for the suggestion!