Aaron, Abe, Robert, and Phillip are engineers working on an innovation, with the prototype being created in Aaron's garage. This project extends beyond their regular jobs. Aaron and Abe absolutely own the project, as they devote all of their spare time to it, primarily in order to solve the numerous engineering-related issues they've faced. Abe notices that a protein inside the main unit has multiplied more faster than it could in nature during one of his tests with the invention functioning. Instead of the innovation being a protein super incubator, Abe discovers that it can be utilized as a time machine by using himself as a guinea pig, and a very meticulous one at that. Abe was extremely careful not to tamper with his own self in that time warp throughout his self experiment. Abe informs Aaron of his discoveries, expecting him to notify his wife Kara in the interest of their marriage's sanctity, but he refuses to tell Robert or Phillip. Aaron, much to Abe's amazement, refuses to tell Kara because it is an exclusive intellectual property of the two of them, and in the process moves the base of operation to a closed storage unit. Aaron's idea for the two of them is to exploit the technology to win large in the stock market by understanding what has happened in the market through time travel. With two perspectives on the subject instead of just one, Aaron and Abe may encounter some logistical and philosophical barriers in determining how to proceed.

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